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= Country of Words =

This is a Kino no Tabi fan blog that would be used to publish the translations of some of the shorter stories found in the Kino no Tabi novels. Do remember that these translations are done by amateurs and NOT any professionals, so do feel free to point out any misinterpretations. Hopefully, the entries here would give more people an insight into Keiichi Sigsawa-sensei's Kino, as well as the world around her. [Warning: May contain spoilers for those who have yet to catch the anime....]

19 November 2007

『キノの旅IV』 プロローグ 「紅い海の真ん中で・b」

Finally gotten down to do my very own translation. Found a nice short story that I more-or-less understood, so here it is! Mind you, it's only part of the prologue. Even then, might not be 100% accurate. Do comment and help me improve. Thanks!

Kino no Tabi IV
In the midst of a red sea・b
-Blooming Prairie-

A voice was singing.
Over in a crimson world.
Red flowers in full bloom, growing tight and crowded in the earth.
With just the wide blue sky for company.

On the plains, not a soul in sight.
Still, the singing could be heard flowing over blue and red.
With the song's tempo increasing gradually.
Enjoyably, sadly, the song continues weaving.

The beautiful soprano rises, and the song ends.
A call of "Encore" rings out.
"I would like to hear 2 or 3 more tunes. If only..."
Another voice joined in, the singing voice. "If only...?"
"I could be upright," replied the first.
"Ah-haha. I understand. Just a little more then...."

Over the spread of red, a singing voice could be heard again.

Once again the song ended, and the first voice chirped in.
"What would we be doing next?"
The other voice replied nonchalantly'
"The same as always. We'll just travel to somewhere."
"Is that so. Guess that's what we'll do then," agreed the first voice, "I would really like to get up now, Kino."

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16 October 2005

country with a statue -- angel?

Okies.... was re-organising my wallpaper collection and came across one KnT wall that Tama-Neko did that included the translations for that mini-chapter that comes from vol04, chapter 01. As usual, here's the link to the post in the KnT community, if u just wanna read the translation, and that post also includes a link to the wall (both with and without the translation included) Enjoy! ^^


13 October 2005

Translation of Vol IX on KnT LJ ^^

okies... today_in_kobe did a real nice translation of the prologue and epilogue for this latest vol, and posted it on the KnT community. Do take alook while waiting from translations from either me or reisha.... (yes, I know that I am a slowpoke, but this site is more for me to prac understanding Japanese than to actually satisfy the non-Japanese Kino fans. Gomen ne~)